Diego Rivera, B.A.

*Accepting New Clients*

Diego is currently completing his Practicum in Counseling and pursuing his M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University. He also received his B.A. in Clinical Psychology from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Clinical Focus Areas and Counseling Approaches

Diego exclusively provides online counseling for Free Spirit for individuals age 12 and up, as well as couples and families from all walks of life. He works with clients seeking guidance for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Relationship issues, and Boundaries (personal and professional). He takes an eclectic approach to counseling, pulling primarily from Gestalt, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Humanistic therapy approaches.

Professional Philosophy

From Diego’s point of view: “Counseling is the best answer to the Human Condition. The relationship built between counselor and client, characterized by trust, openness, and a desire to bring about positive results, is essential to the counseling experience. I am here to help all my clients grow from surviving to fully thriving. One of the greatest joys I can have is watching those I help become who they want to be.”

Professional Experience

Diego’s experience includes working at a behavioral health center, where he quickly acquired practical skills and knowledge. He saw firsthand the effects of trauma on developing minds in short- and long-term contexts. He also worked at a domestic and sexual abuse shelter for several months during his undergraduate degree.  Along with his clinical training, this practical and real-world experience with trauma care allowed him to develop unique perspectives on the interconnectedness of the human mind and body that continue forward into his work today.

Fun Facts About Diego

  • Diego plays violin and once performed in Carnegie Hall.
  • He is a published author of a fiction novel written during his Freshman year in college.
  • His favorite color is royal purple.
  • His favorite music artist currently is The Faim, but he listens to all types of music!
  • The background you see in Diego’s photo is from our office “The Shore” here at Free Spirit.


Contact Clinical Director Jill Nardin to schedule an appointment with Diego at jill@freespiritonline.org or at 757-204-1866.