Vicky Arriola, B.S.

Vicky is currently completing her Practicum in Counseling with Free Spirit. She is pursuing her M.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The College of William & Mary, where she also received her B.S. in Psychological Sciences with a Minor in Creative Writing.

Clinical Focus Areas and Counseling Approaches

Vicky provides in person and online counseling at Free Spirit and works with diverse individuals (aged 18 and up), couples, and families.  She assists clients seeking support for depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, self-esteem, relationships, LGBTQIA+ support, and family issues. She tailors her counseling approach to the individual client from a base of person-centered therapy, combined with elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a strengths-based focus.

Professional Philosophy

From Vicky’s own perspective: “I strive to create a therapeutic relationship that is open, honest, nonjudgmental, and intentional, one where my clients feel seen and heard. I believe therapy should be approached with curiosity and genuineness. Therapy can empower you to be yourself more, to heal more, and be a place where you can choose yourself more. I am passionate about mental health awareness and breaking down stigmas.”

Professional Experience

In her professional work experience, Vicky encountered the need for mental health support and awareness, especially in marginalized communities. Seeing how a genuine “how are you?” to a stranger could make them feel visible made her realize her appreciation for mental health.  Her depth of experience with caring customer service principles continues to feed directly into her clinical work today.

Fun Facts About Vicky

  • Vicky is a Latina woman who grew up in Northern Virginia.
  • She enjoys writing, taking care of her plants, traveling, warm weather, and meeting new people.
  • She also loves exploring new restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Her favorite colors are neutrals like white, cream, beige, and tan.
  • Her favorite music artists include Aidan Martin and The Weeknd.
  • The background you see in Vicky’s photo is from our office “The Shore” here at Free Spirit.


Contact Clinical Director Jill Nardin to request an appointment with Vicky at or at 757-204-1866.