Thank you for visiting here to learn more about us!  We are seeking licensed providers and residents for online and/or in person therapy who are looking for a creative and positive team environment to see your clients.

Mission and Ambience

We have a mission to help everyone here to create their most beautiful and fulfilling lives. Our headquarters in Yorktown, VA offers an interactive experience of the inspirational power generated by blending a wellness focus with positive psychology infused interior design.  You are always invited to visit us and experience this firsthand!

Creative and Caring Collaboration

At Free Spirit we focus on organically living out our core values of kindness, respect, honor, inspiration, creative freedom, and hope in all we do.  This creates an atmosphere that is comfortable for everyone,  those of us who work here, as well as our clients.  Fueled by applied positive psychology principles, we intentionally celebrate strengths, cultural perspectives and experiences, collaborative innovation in our field, and so much more. 

Connecting with You

We offer an authentic place powered by inspiration and the adventure of experiencing what is possible when we come together to synergize our strengths and help each other thrive and flourish.  If this speaks to you and your desired path, we would love to connect and explore the positive possibilities with you more!