Professional Training and Public Speaking


Customized Professional Training  & Speaking Events 

Professional development play an essential role in the growth of mental health providers. Both Dr. Jill Nardin, PhD, LPC, Dr. Lynn Bañez, PhD, LPC, and Crystal Ferrara, LPC remain committed to providing dynamic and innovative professional development events. For professional peers they offer local workshops, seminars, and webinars, as well as presentations at local, state, regional, and national professional conferences.

As Free Spirit grows, Dr. Nardin, Dr. Bañez, and Crystal plan to offer professional training for continuing education (CE) or (CEUs).

All three therapists are available for public speaking opportunities at schools, community locations, professional organizations, and church conferences.  Crystal is also available for remote and onsite (in Hampton Roads) strengths-based team building events on request. 

Some topics are:

How do I help my kids cope with Covid-19?
How can I tell if a child or family member needs help?
Breaking the stigma: Its OK to Ask for Help
Positive Psychology and/or Psychotherapy
Addiction and Substance Abuse
How to build resiliency
Learning the impact of trauma on our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health
Integrating or developing a trauma focused or trauma aware classroom, school, work environment. Or…
Integrating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) into everyday life
Whole Person Model of Wellness
Effective Communication Skills
Coping with chronic pain or Pain Management
Understanding Military Culture and Trauma

*Please contact us for availability and a more complete list of topics.