Sean Smith, B.S.

Sean is completing his Practicum in Counseling in pursuit of his M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University. He received his B.S. in Information Technology Management from Trident University and an A.S. in Information Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. He focuses on cultivating a welcoming environment where people can develop their strengths and reach their full potential.

Clinical Focus Areas

Sean focuses on in person counseling for individuals aged 14 and up, along with families and couples. He works with clients seeking support for: young adult life, military life, career goals, life transitions, self-esteem building, healthy lifestyle crafting, relationship issues, healthy communication skills, family issues, stress reduction, separation/divorce, anxiety, grief/loss, depression, ADD/ADHD, anger management, and trauma/PTSD.

Counseling Approach

Using cognitive-behavioral and person-centered techniques as a foundation, Sean customizes evidence-based interventions, positive psychology, and solution-focused methods to meet each client’s needs. His diverse approach promotes self-compassion, resilience, and living according to one’s values to support clients in achieving self-confidence, healthy relationships, life balance, and personalized goals for overall wellbeing.

Professional Philosophy       

According to Sean, “I believe that creating a collaborative therapeutic relationship built on trust, safety, and mutual respect empowers clients to heal and grow. My goal as a therapist is to guide clients to explore their beliefs and values, allowing them to transform struggle into strength. I aim to help my clients to have the insight to leave knowing that they have the keys to continue their growth long after our work concludes.”

Professional Experience

Sean is an active-duty member of the United States Air Force, having served within communications, medical, and cyber operations throughout his 16-year military career. While serving, he volunteered extensively as an EMT and firefighter for Fairfax County, disaster responder with the Red Cross, and crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line to provide mental health support. He brings an empathetic presence and crisis intervention skills that allow him to rapidly establish rapport and support with struggling individuals. In addition to  crisis response focus, he also strives to help clients build long-term coping abilities and resilience by drawing on their inner strength. His professional exposure across military, emergency response, and crisis counseling enriches his clinical perspective to assist clients managing a wide range of mental health conditions and support needs.

Fun Facts About Sean

  • Sean finds joy in outdoor activities like camping and hiking, as well as indoor pursuits including board games, video games, reading, and listening to audiobooks.
  • He also enjoys spending time with family and friends and serving his community through volunteer work.
  • His favorite colors are red, white and blue.
  • • His favorite musical artists are Relient K and Toby Keith. His favorite song is Casting Crown’s “American Dream”.
  • The background you see in Sean’s photo is from our office “The Wish” here at Free Spirit.

Sean works directly under the supervision of Clinical Director Dr. Jill Nardin, who can provide appointment information at: 757-204-1866 and